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I personally believe that the biggest window into someone’s character is to view how they serve others. While the only way to see how I choose serve others is to watch me on a daily basis, I hope that by seeing the way I work to serve others in my community, you might get a glimpse into who I am as a person

Tawa, Kenya 2014, 2016

In 2014, I traveled with a small missions team to Tawa, Kenya for 21 days to help build a grade school for the remote village. While there we also provided basic medical care and helped to install water tanks that should help to provide the village with access to clean water. 

In 2016, I returned with a larger group for 19 days. While there, we helped to add onto the original school we built in 2014. I also had the opportunity to teach music to the students for one of the weeks we stayed in the village. We also provided some instruments, including some acoustic guitars and percussion instruments to the school. 

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