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Below you can find my employment history along with detailed descriptions of the job duties. There is also a downloadable version of my Resume available. 


Work History


Flood, Bumstead, McCready & McCarthy Inc.


Music Business Management Client Specialist

🔸Responsibilities and Specialties🔸


🔹Proficient in data analysis using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and statistical techniques

🔹Proficient in reviewing and approving Accounts Payable/Receivable

🔹Experienced in credit card and road cash reconciliations, as well as journal entries

🔹Skilled in managing tour merchandise and royalty trackers

🔹Competent in basic tax preparation and accounting tasks specific to the music industry

🔹Adept at handling special projects, data entry, and maintaining documentation software

🔹Effective in cross-department communication and collaboration

🔹Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills for filing and documentation

🔹Knowledgeable in financial reporting and analysis specific to the music industry

🔹Familiar with industry-specific accounting software and tools

🔹Strong problem-solving abilities and analytical skills for financial discrepancies

🔹Ability to work under tight deadlines and manage multiple tasks simultaneously

🔹Excellent interpersonal skills for client interaction and relationship management




🔸Responsibilities and Specialties🔸


🔹Proficient in data analysis using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and statistical techniques to interpret real

estate market trends and property values.

🔹Skilled in data visualization with Tableau, creating visually appealing graphs and charts to present market

insights and property comparisons.

🔹Experienced in conducting advanced statistical analysis to predict market trends and assess pricing strategies.

🔹Utilized data-driven insights to advise clients on optimal pricing strategies.

🔹Developed predictive models to forecast property appreciation rates, contributing to informed long-term

investment decisions for clients.

🔹Identified lucrative investment opportunities and assessed market demand.

🔹Generated monthly performance reports, highlighting key market indicators and sales trends for informed

decision-making and strategy refinement.


Broadcast Music Inc. 



🔸Responsibilities and Specialties🔸

🔹 Facilitated access to Online Services for various stakeholders including Songwriters, Publishers, Management

Companies, CPAs, and Law Firms.

🔹Reviewed and qualified LODs (Letter of Direction) and LOAs (Letter of Authorization) from managers,

attorneys, publishers, etc.

🔹Digitized and processed paper documentation such as Applications for Songwriters and Publishers, Publisher

Ownership Changes, Publisher Name Changes, and Legal Name Changes for Songwriters. Ensured accuracy of

publisher ownership information, input data into relevant datasets, and performed SQL queries to prevent

duplicates or missing data.

🔹Proofed Successor Agreements for deceased writers and individually owned publishers. Established accounts

for heirs, trusts, and estates, and linked them to the deceased writer/publisher accounts. Collaborated with

accounting to set up payment links. Inputted account numbers into a Sharepoint dataset and imported linked

IPI numbers, work registration numbers, and ISRC codes.

🔹Cleaned datasets for works registered with incorrect IPI numbers.

🔹Assisted with inquiries regarding royalty statements and distributions.

🔹Analyzed and cleaned data sheets linking ISRC codes to registered works for both writer and publisher


🔹Added songwriter AKAs to their songwriter accounts.

🔹Created and maintained data sheets for termination requests for both songwriter and publisher accounts. Ran

SQL queries to ensure request validity and adherence to termination window guidelines.



🔸Responsibilities and Specialties🔸

🔹Team Leadership: Train and supervise a team of volunteers in managing media and technology for services

and events.

🔹Equipment Management: Perform installations and conduct maintenance for all campus equipment and


🔹Event Operations: Act as Front of House (FOH) engineer and Event Producer, ensuring smooth execution of


🔹Podcast Management: Produce, record, edit, market, and distribute podcasts for the church.

🔹Network Administration: Network, program, and maintain internet and WiFi systems throughout the campus.



 Goodlettsville, TN (2020-Current)

Sacramento, CA (2019-2020)

Goodlettsville, TN (2018-2019)

Knoxville, TN (2018)


Goodlettsville, TN 



Goodlettsville, TN

Sacramento, CA



Knoxville, TN

Goodlettsville, TN


🔸Responsibilities and Achievements🔸

🔹Managed student accounts, focusing on payment collection and overdue bill management, while achieving

growth goals.

🔹Equipped and managed a team of eleven employees, ensuring efficient teaching processes.

🔹Conducted employee hiring, training, scheduling, and booking activities.

🔹Orchestrated open houses, recitals, concerts, and collaborative events with business partners.

🔹Spearheaded community outreach initiatives to enhance the lessons department's growth.


🔸Responsibilities and Specialties🔸

🔹Instructed music production, audio engineering, songwriting, music theory, piano, and drums and


🔹Assisted students in setting goals and devised tailored lesson plans to facilitate goal achievement.


🔸Responsibilities and Achievements🔸


🔹Consistently met or exceeded average sales goals, typically set between $400-500 per hour.

🔹Achieved a 35% sale rate of Pro Coverage (Equipment Damage Insurance) and maintained an average of

2.5 or higher for Items Per Transaction (IPT) metric.

🔹Attained an average of 4 Gear Card Applications per month.

🔹Analyzed customer needs to provide optimal gear solutions and specialized in both tangible and non-

tangible asset sales.

🔹Utilized Sales Force (CRM) to manage customer relationships and Green Screen (In-Store POS System) to

manage inventory and initiate sales.


Faith Community Church of the Nazarene, Lodi



🔸Audiovisual Production Management🔸

🔹Oversee the planning, setup, operation, and maintenance of all audiovisual equipment, including sound systems, video cameras, lighting, and projection systems.

🔹Coordinate with worship leaders, musicians, and speakers to ensure optimal audio quality and visual presentation during services, rehearsals, and special events.

🔸Media Production Oversight🔸

🔹Lead the creation and production of multimedia content, including sermon recordings, promotional videos, announcements, and graphic designs for digital and physical platforms.

🔹Manage the editing and post-production process to deliver high-quality multimedia assets that align with the church's brand and messaging.

🔸Team Leadership and Training🔸

🔹Recruit, train, and supervise a team of volunteers or staff members responsible for audio, video, and media production tasks.

🔹Provide ongoing coaching, feedback, and professional development opportunities to enhance the skills and effectiveness of the production team.

🔸Technical Support and Troubleshooting🔸

🔹Serve as the primary point of contact for technical support and troubleshooting related to audiovisual equipment and media production software.

🔹Develop and implement protocols for equipment maintenance, troubleshooting procedures, and emergency response to minimize disruptions during services and events.

🔸Collaboration and Communication🔸

🔹Collaborate with other church staff members, ministry leaders, and volunteers to integrate multimedia elements into worship services, special events, and outreach initiatives.

🔹Communicate effectively with stakeholders to gather requirements, provide updates, and solicit feedback on audiovisual and media production projects.

Broadcast Music Inc. 



🔸Prospect Identification🔸

🔹Research and identify potential leads within the service industry primarily scouting out music use in bars, restaurants, gyms, retail stores and health institutions.

🔹Utilize various tools and databases to gather relevant contact information and background data on potential leads.

🔹Research businesses to find verify Music use and to provide the sales team with proof to reference upon review of the account.

🔸Outreach and Engagement🔸

🔹Develop and execute targeted research strategies to initiate contact with potential leads via email, phone calls, social media platforms, and networking events.

🔸Lead Qualification and Segmentation🔸

🔹Qualify leads based on predefined criteria, such as types of music use including live music and events, number of televisions, and max occupancy.

🔹Segment leads into different categories or stages of the lead generation funnel to prioritize follow-up actions and tailor outreach efforts accordingly.

🔸Relationship Building🔸

🔹Build and nurture relationships with leads through ongoing communication, follow-up activities, and personalized interactions.

🔹Provide relevant information, resources, and support to address leads' inquiries, concerns, and needs effectively.

🔸Data Management and Reporting🔸

🔹Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of lead interactions, communication history, and lead status updates using CRM software (SalesForce).

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