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About My Education

With a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Technology complemented by a minor in Music Business, along with a real estate certification from Success Real Estate School, I bring a diverse blend of skills and knowledge to the table. Currently, I am an active student pursuing a Master of Science in Sports and Entertainment Management, driven by a passion for leveraging creativity and business acumen in dynamic industries. My educational background reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation, positioning me as a valuable asset poised to make significant contributions to any forward-thinking organization in the realm of entertainment, real estate, or sports management.


Master of Science (M.S.) Sports and Entertainment Management


As an active student pursuing a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Sports and Entertainment Management, I am currently engaged in a comprehensive curriculum designed to develop specialized expertise in the dynamic and rapidly evolving fields of sports and entertainment. Some of the key areas I am currently learning include:

🔹Strategic Management🔹

I am studying strategic planning and decision-making processes tailored to the sports and entertainment industries. This includes analyzing industry trends, assessing competitive landscapes, and formulating strategic initiatives to achieve organizational goals.

🔹Financial Management🔹

I am gaining insights into financial principles and practices relevant to sports teams, entertainment companies, and related enterprises. This encompasses budgeting, revenue generation, cost analysis, financial reporting, and risk management strategies specific to the sports and entertainment sectors.

🔹Marketing and Brand Management🔹

I am learning about marketing strategies, branding techniques, and promotional tactics customized for sports franchises, entertainment events, and individual athletes or performers. This involves understanding consumer behavior, leveraging digital media platforms, and creating compelling marketing campaigns to engage audiences and enhance brand equity.

🔹Event Management and Production🔹

I am acquiring skills in planning, organizing, and executing sports events, concerts, festivals, and other live entertainment experiences. This includes venue selection, logistics coordination, talent booking, crowd management, and ensuring the seamless execution of events to deliver memorable experiences for attendees.

🔹Legal and Ethical Considerations🔹

I am studying the legal and ethical frameworks that govern the sports and entertainment industries, including contract negotiation, intellectual property rights, labor relations, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Understanding these legal and ethical considerations is essential for ensuring integrity and mitigating risks in professional practice.

🔹Data Analytics and Decision Support🔹

I am gaining proficiency in data analysis techniques and technology tools used to extract insights from data sets relevant to sports performance, audience engagement, and business operations. This involves utilizing statistical methods, data visualization techniques, and predictive modeling to inform strategic decision-making and optimize performance outcomes.

🔹Leadership and Organizational Behavior🔹

I am exploring leadership theories, organizational behavior dynamics, and team dynamics within the context of sports franchises, entertainment companies, and related organizations. This includes understanding motivational factors, communication strategies, and effective leadership practices to inspire and empower teams in high-pressure environments.


Through rigorous coursework, hands-on projects, and industry-relevant experiences, I am actively developing the skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary to excel in the multifaceted and exciting realm of sports and entertainment management. I am eager to leverage my education and contribute positively to the success of organizations operating in these dynamic industries.

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Professional Certificate

Financial Accounting


As an active student at Harvard Business School Online, I am currently engaged in pursuing a professional certificate in Financial Accounting. This rigorous program equips me with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills essential for understanding and analyzing financial statements, interpreting financial data, and making informed business decisions. Through interactive modules, case studies, and real-world applications, I am mastering fundamental accounting principles, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and financial ratios. Additionally, I am gaining proficiency in using accounting tools and software to effectively manage financial information and enhance organizational performance. This dynamic learning experience at Harvard Business School Online is empowering me to excel in the field of financial accounting and contribute meaningfully to any professional environment.



During my time at success real estate school, I acquired a diverse range of skills and knowledge essential for success in the real estate industry. Some of the key competencies I developed include:


🔹Real Estate Principles and Practices🔹

I gained a solid foundation in the fundamental principles and practices of real estate, including property law, contracts, ethics, and regulations governing the industry. This knowledge forms the basis for conducting transactions and providing professional services to clients.


🔹Market Analysis and Valuation🔹

I learned how to conduct thorough market analysis to assess property values, identify investment opportunities, and determine pricing strategies. Understanding market trends, demographics, and economic factors enables me to provide informed guidance to clients regarding property transactions.

🔹Property Management🔹

I acquired knowledge of property management principles, including leasing, tenant relations, maintenance, and financial management. This expertise allows me to assist clients with managing their real estate assets effectively and maximizing their return on investment.

🔹Marketing and Sales Techniques🔹

I developed proficiency in marketing properties through various channels, including digital platforms, advertising, and networking. I learned effective sales techniques for attracting buyers and negotiating favorable terms on behalf of clients, ultimately facilitating successful transactions.

🔹Negotiation and Communication Skills🔹

Through role-playing exercises and practical experience, I honed my negotiation skills and learned to communicate persuasively with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. This ability to negotiate effectively is crucial for achieving optimal outcomes in real estate transactions.

🔹Legal and Regulatory Compliance🔹

I gained an understanding of the legal and regulatory framework governing real estate transactions, including fair housing laws, disclosure requirements, and licensing regulations. Adhering to ethical standards and compliance obligations ensures transparency and protects the interests of all parties involved.

🔹Technology and Tools🔹I became proficient in using technology tools and software applications commonly employed in the real estate industry, such as MLS (Multiple Listing Service) platforms, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, and digital marketing tools. Leveraging technology enhances efficiency and facilitates seamless communication and collaboration with clients and colleagues.


Overall, my time at real estate school equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and professionalism necessary to thrive in the dynamic and competitive real estate market. I am committed to delivering exceptional service to my clients and contributing positively to the success of real estate transactions.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Major: Recording Arts and Technology

Minor: Music Business


During my time at Full Sail University, I studied Recording Arts and Technology and got a minor in Music Business. This helped me to acquire a comprehensive skill set and knowledge base tailored to the dynamic fields of audio production and music business management. Throughout my academic journey, I developed expertise in:

🔹Music Business and Legal Affairs🔹

With a focus on the music business minor, I gained insights into copyright law, licensing, publishing, marketing, and artist management. I understand the intricacies of the music industry ecosystem and the strategies required to navigate its ever-evolving landscape.


🔹Project Management and Entrepreneurship🔹

I developed strong organizational and leadership skills necessary for managing audio production projects from conception to completion. I also cultivated an entrepreneurial mindset, learning how to identify opportunities, develop business plans, and effectively market audio services.


🔹Critical Listening and Analytical Skills🔹

Through rigorous training and practice, I developed acute critical listening skills essential for discerning nuances in sound quality, identifying technical issues, and making informed creative decisions. I can analyze and evaluate audio content with a keen ear and attention to detail.


🔹Collaboration and Communication🔹

I have experience working collaboratively in team environments, both in the studio and in business settings. I excel in communicating effectively with clients, artists, engineers, and other stakeholders to ensure project objectives are met efficiently and satisfactorily.

🔹Audio Recording and Engineering🔹

I gained proficiency in recording techniques, mixing, and mastering using industry-standard equipment and software. This includes hands-on experience with digital audio workstations (DAWs), analog consoles, microphones, and outboard gear.


🔹Sound Design and Post-Production🔹

I honed my abilities in sound design for various media formats, including film, television, gaming, and multimedia projects. I learned to manipulate sound elements creatively and efficiently to enhance storytelling and evoke desired emotional responses.

🔹Music Production and Composition🔹

Through coursework and practical projects, I deepened my understanding of music theory, composition, and arrangement. I am adept at producing diverse genres of music and creating original compositions tailored to specific contexts and client needs.


Overall, my Bachelor's degree in Recording Arts and Technology, complemented by a minor in Music Business, has equipped me with a versatile skill set and comprehensive understanding of the intersection between audio production, technology, and business management. I am prepared to contribute effectively to projects in the music and entertainment industries, leveraging my expertise to deliver exceptional results and drive success.



During my time at Mount Juliet High School I participated in the schools band programs including, Orchestra Ensemble, Concert Band, Marching Band (competing in the BOA circuit), and indoor percussion (competing in the SCGC and WGI circuits). During my junior and senior years I was a band captain over the percussion section. I also played on the ultimate (frisbee) team, and ran cross country. 




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