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Additional Content and Interests

I describe myself as a strong willed, eager, self reflective, and motivated individual who loves learning and pushing myself to my limit. Others tell me I’m a dreamer, overly confident, frustratingly positive, and annoyingly optimistic. Maybe all of these things are true and maybe none of them are. All I know is that I am a creative individual who has a lot of goals and plans and who puts everything I have and everything I am into those goals and plans. This is a page full of other interests and hobbies that I truly enjoy creating and growing. These interests include things like podcasting, photography, hiking, writing, and more.


The Ass Hat Analysts Podcast was created in 2021 by me and my two roommates. The concept, we already argue about anything and everything so why not record it. Eventually we created this debate game show. How does it work? Three roommates and one guest will record three episodes every week releasing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each episode will have its own unique topic and a specific set of game rules. Throughout the month the guests will track the points earned and at the end of the month the member with the least points will have to perform a punishment of the others choosing. If you want to listen, click on the photo and enjoy!

Sahara Desert


My entire life I have loved stories. It doesn’t matter what form that story takes whether it be a movie, music, tv show, book, poem, video game, or even my own imagination. Stories move and unite the world. Recently I decided to build my own world and tell my own story in the form or writing my first book. If you would like to give it a read I have attached the prologue of my novel here for you to read. I hope you enjoy. The rest coming soon:)

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